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About Me

My name is Grace Rekowski, and I have been a competitive CrossFit athlete for the last 7 years. I have also been coaching in multiple capacities for the last 8 years. Getting my start in CrossFit coaching, I fell in love with helping people improve and work towards their goals. I have had the fortunate experience of coaching CrossFit at CrossFit Mayhem as I complete my Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology and Tennessee Technological University. Not only did I get to coach CrossFit, I also worked in private corporate fitness as well. There, getting to work with individuals one-on-one to reach their personal goals. 


From there I worked on pursuing collegiate Strength and Conditioning. I have been very fortunate to have developed my experience in Strength and Conditioning and learn from many experienced and veteran strength coaches. I have worked with athletes of every level, from Division 3 to Power 5 Division 1 colleges. Through these schools I have trained athletes who were working towards the NFL Combine as well as the Olympics. 


In addition to fitness, I have been able to work in nutrition as well, and have my Masters Degree in Sports Nutrition, along with my sports nutrition coaching certification through the ISSN. I also have my Pre & Postnatal exercise coaching certification and would love to help promote a healthy and active lifestyle for momma’s!


As I have gotten to work with groups of individuals I have found that what I truly enjoy doing is working on an individual basis with people, getting to help them identify and work towards their goals. As I mentioned previously I have fallen in love with being able to help individuals identify, strategize and attack their goals in order to better themselves. 


I believe that with my wide range of experience and knowledge I can provide a well rounded resource for those looking to improve themselves on any level. I want to help you succeed in any way that I can, whether that is to improve your general health, or work towards competing in a sport at a high level. 


B.S. Kinesiology



CrossFit L3

Pre & Postnatal Exercise Coach

ISSN Certified Sports Nutrition Coach

M.S. Sports Nutrition

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