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Siła Health

  • 6 days/wk programming ($200/month)

  • 3 days/wk programming ($100/month)

  • Skills (gymnastics) development ($150/month)

  • Conditioning specific ($150/month)

  • Affiliate Programming ($300/month)

One-on-One CrossFit Coaching

With this type of programming you can choose from 6 days a week programming which is geared towards those looking to be competitive in the sport of CrossFit. You can choose 3 days per week which is focused on those who want to enjoy CrossFit but only plan on going a few times per week. There is also skill development, strength focus and endurance focus. Each of these different options are based off your current skills and working weaknesses. I will tailor programs for what you are looking to achieve in the realm of CrossFit.

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